This week’s ride is back to the Brandy Station Fairground start and with sunset being 7:55 pm we have time for a longer route.  At almost 25 miles the “atokaL” route (which for those paying attention is our Lakota route just backwards… thus the route name).

Starting out of the fairground we are met with the first hill of the evening.  Continue down the backside onto the flat stretch and make a right onto Beverly Ford Rd. Cross over 29 at the light, make a quick left after the train tracks and head up Kellys Ford Rd.  At the stop sign make a left at Newby’s Shop Rd, continue up the short, shallow hill and cross the tracks again after the descent.  Follow Main St into Remington Rd/James Madison St into the Town of Remington and make a left at the gas station.  Cross over 29 again, out Freeman’s Ford Rd and onto Lakota Rd.  As you get towards the end of Lakota Rd the road will gradually pitch up.  Put the pedal to the metal up the hill and finish strong.

G446+87 Brandy Station, Virginia