Tropical Smoothie 50 Miler

Are you looking for a ride that will give you an excuse to enjoy a fresh fruit smoothie at the end?  Well the Tropical Smoothie 50 Miler is the perfect ride.

This ride leaves from the Tropical Smoothie of Culpeper parking lot and features some great rolling terrain with just a couple to real kicker hills thrown in for good measure. This ride generally follows less traveled roads and should be fairly clear of traffic no matter when you ride.

The route rolls out of Culpeper and past one of Culpeper’s two high schools, Eastern View High School.  Once in the Culpeper flatlands you will meander through farmland, and game preserves until you reach the first significant hill, Mt. Pony.  At the top of Mt. Pony, be sure to check out the Library of Congress – Packard Campus on your right.  As you descend off Mt. Pony, be sure to watch for traffic as you cross Zachary Taylor Highway.  The route will then take you past the Culpeper Recreation Club and out towards White Shop.

Once through White Shop you will continue around the backside of Mt. Run Lake and proceed up a not-so-favorite hill on Duncan Trail.  But enjoy the long, straight downhill on the backside.  As you begin your return you will proceed up Griffinsburg Rd towards Sperryville Pike.  As you make the right turn onto Sperryville Pike, be mindful of the traffic, you are only on this road for a short while, but keep your eyes peeled for the left turn onto Old Turnpike Rd.

You will then begin the hilly portion of the ride as you proceed up Scotts Mill Rd and then onto Eggbornsville Rd.  But once you cross over Rixeyville Rd you can be thankful the hills are over and its just a short couple of miles before you’ll be back at Tropical Smoothie enjoying lunch.

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