Website Improvements Underway: Rides Forum

Over the last month, we have been beta testing an all new Rides Forum on this website (see link above). This new forum will allow for registered users  to post upcoming rides to the website, providing an easy avenue for inviting others to join your ride.

We know many of you don’t use the website very often, so you will also have the ability to post rides and reply to ride posts via email, without ever needing to check the website (everything will also be posted here as well for reference).  The nice thing about this feature is no longer will there be multiple people managing email lists, and new comers can easily sign up and register to receive these emails.

In the coming weeks we will roll this feature out to everyone that is on the current email list so you don’t have to do anything.  Going forward the Sunday rides will be posted on the website as well.  I have already coordinated with the Sunday Ride organizers and they have agreed to use this feature. Even though this is a new way of doing things, nothing will really change with Sunday Ride notifications, you will still get an email like you always did, it will just come automated from the website rather than directly from the ride organizer.  Additionally, any replies to the email will be sent to the group and cross-posted to the website.

For anyone that wishes to post their own rides to the forum, you will be able to login to the website and make your post or you can just send an email to [email protected] (for road rides) or [email protected] (for gravel rides).

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