Rapha: A Day in Hell 2022

Inspired by the Queen of the Classics, this April 16th, we’re bringing a taste of the race to a VeloConcepts. With the chance to put your endurance to the test, our Ride Leaders have used their expert local knowledge to curate rides reminiscent of the French cobbled classic, but with their own unique flavour. To take part and discover the best, and worst, of your nearby roads, download your self-supported route and enjoy a hell of a weekend.

Join VeloConcepts & 18 Grams Coffee Lab on April 16th for our flavor of a “Day in Hell”. The ride leaves VeloConcepts at 10am and offers two routes… each with their own individual challenges. Ride time is expected to be ride time around 4 – 5 hours for the Advanced route and 3-4 hours for the intermediate route.  A sag vehicle will be stationed along various points of the route to assist with extra water & food.

After the ride all participants are invited to stick around and watch a replay of Tour of Flanders and the Paris Roubaix Femmes race.

For more details and route maps check out the event here.

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