18 Grams Coffee Lab 20 Miler

The 18 Grams 20 miler is the perfect ride for anyone looking to get in a quick workout, see the surrounding areas of Culpeper or just do an easy flat ride.

This route starts at 18 Grams Coffee Lab & VeloConcepts Bicycle Fit Lab & Studio, which is a great place to start or end a ride since you can pickup that obligatory post or pre-ride coffee AND pick up an extra tube or have your bike looked at before your ride. With a huge parking lot right next to 18 Grams, you can be sure you will have ample parking for everyone in your ride group. While you’re there also be sure to check out all the great sweets and lunches 18 Grans has to offer.

This route rolls out of town taking you past Culpeper’s own National Cemetery which features one of the two short hills on this loop.  As you head out of town you will find yourself on Route 3 for about 3/4 of a mile, so be careful on that road as there can sometimes be a little extra car traffic.  But once you make the turn off Rt 3 and head up past the Library of Congress Film Archives you are in for a ride with great roads and little traffic.  At the end of the ride, you will roll past one of Culpeper’s two high schools, Eastern View High School, be sure to wave that the kids that are playing soccer or baseball.

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  1. Hi Joe,
    I’m extremely interested in riding the Ravens Nest 20 miler today but I can’t seem to find or figure out how to locate the cue sheet so that I can print it out.

    Could you please send me the link if you have it.

    Please and thank you,
    Tonya C

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